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Brigham Young University
Dec. 2017
Provo Ut.

Bachelor of Science, Sociology, Emphasis in Business Minor in Business Management Minor in Communications GPA 3.52

Wallaroo Media
Jan 2017- Present
Social Media Manager and Content Writer

• Developed and implement social strategies for 50+ clients • Delivered all tasks and objectives on time with high efficiency • Produced high quality copy for 300 blogs, articles, landing pages, newsletters, & advertisements

My Salon Doll
Jan 2017- Present
Marketing Manager

• Lead marketer increasing over all social following by <100% • Developed organic and paid social strategies for the entire company • Increased SEO ranking for key search terms

BYU Police Department- Missionary Training Center Division
Nov. 2015- Present
Senior Security Officer

• Responsible for interviewing, hiring, and training new officers • Directed monthly training meetings for 70+ officers • Led Creative problem solving solutions for security issues

LDS Church
Jul. 2013- Jan. 2015
Volunteer Representative

• Served in thrift shops, food banks, etc. for 20 hours a week for 18 months

• Participated in planning and instruction at conferences as well as weekly leadership councils.

• Responsible for the training of other representatives

Other Skills and Experience
BYU Global Marketing Study Abroad

Other Skills and Experience

BYU Global Marketing Study Abroad

• Visited and studied the cultures of 11 countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia

• Collaborated with various businesses in these countries to learn about their international marketing and business strategies while participating in case studies

• Developed an understanding of the unique challenges, cultural sensitivities, and economic realities of conducting global business, particularly marketing in diverse markets of the world.

American Performing Arts International

• Hired to write press releases of APAI’s traveling groups for the 2017 Scotland Fringe Festival and edit all publications regarding the festival


• Google Ad Word Certified

• Proficient in InDesign, Photoshop, and Microsoft products

• Experience running organic and paid content on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn

• Active Member of the BYU Marketing Association and Women In Business Club